Terms for Publication


We do not pay royalties but give the authors an advance of 20% of the first and subsequent print runs in the form of the author receiving 100 copies of their book to sell or do with as they wish.  This means the author gets paid no matter how many copies of their work sell.

We do not have contracts. The author retains all rights but we ask that copies are not published/printed elsewhere until the first print run has sold out.


Your book will be for sale on the NHP website with an editor’s review.  It will also be promoted via our Facebook site and twitter. When the pandemic is officially over we will resume book launches.  Until that time any promotion will take place on-line in print. We would also advise authors (post-pandemic) to try to promote their work themselves by giving readings at various venues whereby they can endeavour to sell their own copies or refer to our website if and when they have sold out. We hope to hold regular readings again at a future date which we will up-date on this site.

NHP reserve the right not to publish collections in any one year if entries don’t fit with our ethos.