The Novel Hovel Poetry Press


Novel Hovel Press

The Novel Hovel poetry press is a fledgling publishing company that is looking for poetry that has a slightly unusual format or approach. We have an interest in ‘political’ poetry but we are also looking for poets that recognise the beauty of words.  Dylan Thomas said that a good poem ‘helps to change the shape of the universe, helps to extend everyone’s knowledge of himself and the world around him’ and whilst this seems an ambitious remit, this is what we would ask our poets to aim for.

We are not interested in publication history but want your poems to stand alone so that we can read each poem without pre-conceived expectations or bias.  At NHP we  are hoping to find authentic poetry with a new and individual voice.

Our imprint ‘First Sight’ is to help promising young poets get into print early.  It can be disheartening at the beginning of a life as a poet to face the rounds of competitions and magazine rejections and on top of that to be faced with a hostile climate towards the arts politically. The ages between 18 and 25 can be hard for a poet if you are not comfortable on the Slam poetry circuit, and there are many starting out who are brilliant on the written page but could not face standing on a stage as a ‘performer’.

At First Sight we want to encourage young people to continue in the field of poetry into later life and we hope by helping getting something into print early it will encourage poets to continue.

We want to work with young people to produce a first pamphlet that they feel reflects their individuality and youth.  We are interested in fusions of poetry, art, songwriting and happy to discuss further ideas with chosen poets.