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The Novel Hovel poetry press is a fledgling small press. We hope to take a more individual approach to publishing.  If your poems are time-sensitive, we can publish quickly (as we did with our first collection ’52 Weeks’). We will also consider long-form poetry, or three ten-page poems for one collection. Basically, whatever a chosen poet might need to get their work out into the world we hope we can be flexible.

We are also very interested in the cross-over between the visual arts and the written word. We hope to expand and grow organically into this mi as the press progresses. Our format is fluid.

We are not interested in publication history but want your poems to stand alone so that we can read each poem without pre-conceived expectations or bias.  At NHP we  are hoping to find authentic poetry with a new and individual voice.

At our imprint ‘First Sight’ we want to encourage young people to continue in the field of poetry into later life and we hope by helping getting something into print early it will encourage poets to continue. We want to work with young people to produce a first pamphlet that they feel reflects their individuality and youth.

We’re not interested in your publication history. We don’t need to know whether you have been published in this or that poetry magazine, or who you’ve been taught by. All we ask is that you submit your poems to us.

Who we are:

James Sebastian heads our “First Sight’ imprint for young poets aged 18-25. He is a musician, poet and composer who gained his BA from the British Institute of Modern Music. He is open to all styles and genres and looks forward to reading your submissions.